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Touchlink is a manufacturer specializing in the production of special ruggedized displays and ruggedized computers. 

Touchlink has an extensive product of rugged, MIL-STD qualified flat panel displays and rugged computer. Our rugged LCD monitor designs can incorporate keypads, programmable bezel pushbuttons, encoder knobs ajoystick,and feature lightweight enclosures that can stand up to demanding environments. A heating unit was added for cold temperature operation.this rugged displays can deploy in ground vehicles, ships,and aircraft .

We understands the requirements of the customer. Our enhanced flat panel displays include features like multi-mode backlighting, brightness control from NVIS to high bright, optical bonding of protective glass, touch screens, EMI filtering, and custom anti-reflective/anti-glare (AR/AG) coatings.

According to your intended application and priorities. Touchlink can deliver an existing rugged display design that minimizes lead times, a modification of an existing design that minimizes redesign or a completely custom solution that can satisfy your exact needs.

Our products have been widely used in industry, special vehicle cabins, ship display equipment, embedded terminals, portable computer equipment, Ground display equipment for aircraft, flight simulators, high-speed rail and subway cockpits and other harsh working environments.

We provide our customers with the highest standard of after-sales service. If there are any problems with your product during use, we will provide a solution within 24 hour.


We work with a strong team, R & D and quality control, skilled workers and ISO9001 Quality Management System

ISO9001 and other certificates

Choose us, we will accompany you to a better future.

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